Welcome to Assetnote Wordlists.

When performing security testing against an asset, it is vital to have high quality wordlists for content and subdomain discovery. This website provides you with wordlists that are up to date and effective against the most popular technologies on the internet.

Wordlists are generated on the 28th of each month, using Commonspeak2 and GitHub Actions. If there's an extension or technology that you would like a wordlist for, but it's not in the table below, send us a PR and it will be included on this page after the next run.

Assetnote Continuous Security automatically maps your external assets and monitors them for changes and security issues to help prevent serious breaches. If you want to protect your attack surface and would like a demonstration of our product, please reach out to us by submitting our contact form.

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You can download all of the wordlists at once, using the following command:

wget -r --no-parent -R "index.html*" https://wordlists-cdn.assetnote.io/data/ -nH -e robots=off

Automatically Generated Wordlists

Filename Line Count File Size Date Download

Kiterunner Wordlists

Kiterunner is a contexual content discovery tool built by Assetnote. You can use the .kite files with the Kiterunner tool.

Additionally, the swagger-wordlist.txt dataset can be used with traditional content discovery tools

Filename Line Count File Size Date Download

Technology <=> Host Mappings

Filename Line Count File Size Date Download

Manually Generated Wordlists

Filename Description Line Count File Size Date Download